How it works?

  • Select any word you would like to know the meaning of.
  • Right click on the selected word and select Services > Jargonnay.
  • If right click is not possible or if you don't see Jargonnay, try holding Command + Option + Shift + J

Mac App toolbar

When you open the Mac application, you will see a small Jargonnay icon on the toolbar of your Mac. You can Sign In by clicking on the "Sign In" option on the toolbar.

Mac App toolbar - Signed In

If you open the Jargonnay app and you are also signed in, you wil see the toolbar similar to the image on the right hand side. This means that the Jargonnay app is running and you are signed in. You will also see an option to "Go To Dashboard" which will open the web dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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