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What is Jargonnay

Jargonnay is a MacOs application which brings you the power of AI at your fingertips. If you encounter any term or concept anywhere which you're not sure what it means, you simply have to select the word and press a short-cut (Cmd + Options + Shift + J) for Jargonnay to popup with a short explanation of the term. It works anywhere on your MacOs like your browser, editor, email client, Slack, Discord or any app that you have installed.


Jargonnay is a single-stop solution to manage jargons across your company.

Anywhere on your Mac

Works with ANY Mac app without any configuration.

Super-easy to use

You just have to highlight the word and press a shortcut (Cmd + Options + Shift + J) and it will fetch a short explanation of the word.

Instant answer powered by AI

Jargonnay provides you a short easy to understand explanation popup right there without users having to context switch anywhere.

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